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Welcome to the CatalinaOP.com Affiliate Program.

This newly developed program allows us to work together with selected sites in a mutually beneficial business relationship. Essentially, we would like to offer you the opportunity to earn referral fees for any visitors you refer to our site who completes a purchase. For added flexibility, the link to our site may be in the form of a banner ad, icon, or textual link.

We believe that there are strong advantages in relationships with other sites that focus on providing quality content for their visitors. This is an opportunity to offer your visitors a comprehensive experience while at your site. Along with quality content, your visitors will now have the ability to purchase unique, quality products from Catalina Offshore Products.

Getting started is simple and free. Once you register, you will be able to participate in our referral fee agreements by selecting our posted offer. By registering, you also become a member of ShareASale, offering you many additional benefits, about which you may obtain further information at the Web site listed above. The Network will automatically maintain, manage, and track all transactions completed as a result of leads from your site, sending monthly statements regarding referral fee payments due to you.

If you are interested in participating in this exciting, new opportunity, please contact us at your earliest convenience. All the terms and conditions of the offer can be found at http://www.shareasale.com. If you have any questions regarding ShareASale, please contact ShareASale at
(312) 321-0487.

How does it work?
Directions for using ShareASale can be found at the ShareASale Web site. The system is simple to learn and easy to use. ShareASale tracks each user from the moment they click on a participating merchant's link on your site to the final completion of sale. Through a secure connection with the merchant's server all pertinent information from the sale is forwarded to ShareASale. All this information is then compiled at ShareASale. CatalinaOP.com will take the order, complete the sale, supply the product, handle the customer service, and bill the customer.

Why are we using ShareASale?
ShareASale is a neutral third party. They fulfill a unique auditing feature which allows us to ensure accurate referral fee calculations. As a site owner, you should feel confident that you will receive the appropriate referral fee for each referred sale. At the end of each month, you will receive a consolidated bill which tells you what you have sold each month and what referral fees are due. ShareASale also provides you with all the feedback information that you will need to monitor and build your sales on-line. 

How do you earn revenue?
By joining the CatalinaOP.comís Affiliate Program, we will pay you a percentage of all the sales that you help us to complete. Whether you're providing information or entertainment, people visit your Web site because they respect your expertise and your point of view. They also come for your help in finding further information, something you probably provide by adding links to other sites.

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