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Frozen Sliced Cooked Octopus (Yanagi Tako) Frozen Skinless Boneless Farmed Tilapia Fillet (Izumidai) 9 oz
Sushi grade frozen octopi (Yanagi Tako) originate in China Izumidai is high quality farmed skinless/boneless sushi grade tilapia fillets (shiromi).
Frozen Marinated Mackerel Fillet (Shime Saba) 7.5 oz Frozen Sashimi Grade Egg Omelette (Reito Tamagoyaki) 500g
Shime Saba is boneless, ready-to-eat, flash frozen vinegar-pickled mackerel. This is a dessert item also used as a sweet component of Futomaki rolls.
Frozen Steamed Monkfish Liver (Ankimo) 210g pack Eel Sushi (Unagi)
Monkfish Liver is a popular sushi item known as ankimo. Unagi is precooked and marinated barbequed farmed fresh water eel.
Frozen Sashimi Grade Squid (Ika) 500g (0.35 lbs) Frozen Whole Cooked Octopus (Yanagi Tako) ~5 lbs
We carry 500 gram packages of pre-sliced sashimi grade squid (ika). Sushi grade frozen octopi (Yanagi Tako) originate in Japan and weigh ~5 lbs.
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