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Abalone (Awabi)
Our line of premium fresh and frozen sashimi grade shellfish is served in sushi bars around the world. We carry jumbo scallops (hotategai), abalone (awabi), spot prawns/sweet shrimp (amaebi), shrimp (ebi), octopus (tako), squid (ika), and soft shell crabs.
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Frozen Sliced Cooked Octopus (Yanagi Tako) Frozen Cooked Butterfly Shrimp Tails (Ebi) 30 Pieces ~0.5 lbs
Sushi grade frozen octopi (Yanagi Tako) originate in China These shrimp tails (ebi) are butterflied white shrimp tails that are ready to be eaten.
Frozen Cooked Imitation Crab Meat (Kani Kama) 500g Frozen Sashimi Grade Large Soft Shell Crabs Six Pieces ~0.75 lbs
Imitation crab meat (kani kama) is used in various sushi rolls, including California rolls. Soft shell crabs are commonly deep fried and served in sushi bars.
Frozen Sashimi Grade Squid (Ika) 500g (0.35 lbs) Live Farm Raised Sashimi Grade Abalone (Awabi) (5-6 pcs/lb)
We carry 500 gram packages of pre-sliced sashimi grade squid (ika). Live farm raised small red abalone are grown in abalone farms in Baja California.
Live  Sashimi Grade Spot Prawns / Sweet Shrimp (Amaebi) Fresh Sashimi Grade Geoduck Clams (Mirugai)
These sweet shrimp (amaebi) are caught off the San Diego coast in traps and held live. Sushi grade geoduck (gooey duck) clams are known as mirugai in sushi bars.
Frozen Whole Cooked Octopus (Yanagi Tako) ~5 lbs
Sushi grade frozen octopi (Yanagi Tako) originate in Japan and weigh ~5 lbs.
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