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Tuna Sushi & Sashimi - Toro Sushi - Maguro

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Frozen West Coast Albacore Tuna Loin Frozen Sashimi Grade Yellowfin Tuna (Saku Block)
Albacore (Thunnus alunga) is a member of the tuna family. In the marketplace it is commonly referred to as tuna, tombo, longfin tunny and canned white tuna. When prepared for sushi it is known as shiro maguro.

We carry frozen sushi grade yellow fin tuna, used as maguro in sushi bars.

Frozen Sashimi Grade Escolar Fillets (Shiro Maguro) ~1.2 lbs Frozen Sashimi Grade Albacore Fillets (Shiro Maguro)
Known as "white tuna" on the east coast, escolar is rich in healthy fats and delicious. Our frozen albacore tuna loins s known as shiro maguro or “white tuna” in Japan.
Fresh Farmed Sashimi Grade Fatty Bluefin Tuna Top Loins (Maguro) Fresh Sashimi Grade Fatty Bluefin Tuna Belly Loins (Chutoro,Toro)

Our fresh farmed bluefin tuna sashimi loins are used to make the highest quality maguro sushi

The belly loin of the fatty blue fin tuna, toro, is one of the most highly prized sushi items.

Frozen Sashimi Grade Australian Bluefin Tuna Belly Loins (Toro)
We carry frozen, boneless sushi/sashimi grade toro (bluefin belly meat), a prized sushi item.

Bluefin sushi, bluefin belly toro, and yellowfin ahi tuna are all very delicious as sushi and sashimi. Fresh tuna sushi can have a bold flavor with a high fat content like the bluefin tuna toro or it can be tender and mild in taste like the ahi sushi tuna. They taste great served raw as tuna sashimi, or cooked as grilled tuna steaks.

Albacore sushi and Escolar tuna sushi, also known as shiro maguro sushi, is high in fat content which make very tasty as sashimi. Albacore tuna recipes and other tuna fish recipes provide a guide for cooking this delicious fish.

Buy tuna sashimi online at Catalina Offshore Products and receive the best sushi grade maguro tuna in time for dinner tomorrow. 

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