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Sea Urchin

Because uni can only be harvested in ideal oceanic conditions, high demand for this product often exceeds supply. This is especially true during certain times of year where high winds and poor visibility prevent urchin divers from working. As a result, our uni will at times show as ‘out of stock’. Please use the email sign-up function on product pages to be notified when we get more inventory and/or continue to check back. Thank you for understanding.

Catalina Offshore Products is known for having the highest quality live sea urchin sushi, fresh uni sushi and sea urchin vana. You can buy uni sushi or live sea urchins today and have them delivered to your home tomorrow. Enjoy the fresh taste of the wild whole live black sea urchin or live red sea urchin as we offer overnight delivery anywhere in the United States. You can skip the work and purchase processed sea urchin uni sushi, which comes in premium and California gold.

Our fresh sea urchins come from Southern California where the abundance of healthy kelp ensure that the live sea urchins produce the best sea urchin roe which is also known as uni sashimi.

Buy sea urchins today from Catalinaop.com and make fresh uni sushi at home for the whole family.