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Pacific Snapper Fillet, Fresh

Pacific Snapper Fillet, Fresh

$ 16.99


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Pacific snapper (Lutjanus peru), known regionally as huachinango, is a true snapper typically found along the west coast of Baja, and southern Sea of Cortez. Feeding mainly on crustaceans and smaller fish gives this fish its firm-flaky texture and sweet, nutty flavor that lends itself to everything from subtle herbs to hot chilies. Free free to bake, broil, grill, poach, saute or steam, as just about any cook method will produce excellent results! 

The Fishery

The Pacific snapper is highly prized as table fare and is an essential export product of Mexico. They are caught by artisan fishermen who still fish in the old ways - from small, day boat pangas with traditional handlines and non-invasive hand drawn nets. 

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