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Abalone (Awabi), Live Sashimi Grade

Abalone (Awabi), Live Sashimi Grade

$ 59.99

Sushi GradeLive

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Our live, farm-raised, small red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) are responsibly grown in abalone farms in Baja California. Live and raw abalone is used for awabi sushi or eaten as sashimi. It may also be served steamed, salted, boiled, chopped, or simmered in soy sauce. A true delicacy, abalone is popular for its chewy texture.

Typically you will receive 5 abalone per pound (in their shells), and they are 2-3" in length. It takes approximately three years for an abalone to reach this size. Once harvested from the farm, our red abalone are kept alive in tanks at our facility until they are shipped. They are packed with extra oxygen and proper insulation, so they arrive at your door fresh and ready to eat!

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