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Imitation Crab Meat (Kani Kama), Frozen

Imitation Crab Meat (Kani Kama), Frozen

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Imitation crab meat (kani kama) is used in various sushi rolls, including the ever-popular California rolls. We sell Marusei brand imitation crab for kani sushi. Originating in Japan, it is the highest-quality product and the most common kani kama brand found in sushi bars. Each package is 500g.


Minced pollack, water, egg white, wheat starch, waxy corn starch, sugar, sorbtila, salt, monsodium glutamate, cooking rice wine, artificial flavor, disodium guanylate, disodium inosinate, sodium tripolyphosphate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate, annatto for color, carmine, paprika.

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