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Dom Petroff Sturgeon Caviar (30g)

Dom Petroff Sturgeon Caviar (30g)

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Sushi Grade

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Dom Petroff Royal White Sturgeon Caviar is sustainably farm-raised in Northern California by Stolt Sea Farm, which has gained a reputation for producing some of the finest tasting caviar in the world. Most similar to Ossetra, the medium-sized beads of the white sturgeon have a buttery, almost sweet flavor. White sturgeon is an excellence choice for someone trying caviar for the first time. Pick up a pack for a romantic date night or other special occasion or holiday!

Serving suggestions
 – To enjoy this caviar at its best, eat it pure, straight from the tin with the spoon provided. Avoid using silver as it will damage the caviar beads and caviar’s delicate flavor. Caviar is extremely versatile and adds a touch of luxury to your favorite dish.

  • Garnish your favorite poached or grilled fish with a spoon of caviar.
  • Toss fresh pasta with butter or cream and a spoon of caviar.
  • Blini or toast points or baby steamed potatoes with a little crème fraiche are the perfect accompaniment to caviar.
  • For the ultimate ‘luxury’ experience, serve with a glass of chilled vodka or Champagne!

Storing caviar – Fresh caviar should be kept refrigerated in the coolest part of your refrigerator until serving. For ‘best before’ date, please refer to the bottom of the tin. Once the tin has been opened, the caviar should be served and consumed immediately. Caviar should never be frozen.

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