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Ogo Seaweed, Live

Ogo Seaweed, Live

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Praised for its nutritional value, taste and sustainability, seaweed is one of the best edibles you can enjoy from the sea. In Hawaii, where seaweed is referred to as “limu,” ogo is typically what you find in traditional poke. With the dish becoming so popular across the US, ogo is in high demand by chefs. Now you can enjoy this amazing ingredient at home!
Fresh seaweed is a refreshing change from dried and reconstituted seaweed found in most stores. Bursting with ocean flavor, ogo is reddish brown in color, with a delightfully fluffy, crisp texture. It is ideal for serving raw in salads and with ceviche, sushi and shellfish preparations. It can be used in hot or cold broths to add interesting taste and texture. Because it is one of the seaweeds used to make agar, it can also be used in desserts and other dishes that call for a gelatinous or thickened consistency.
When cooked, ogo turns a deep green color. Perhaps even more interesting is that when ogo is submerged in alcohol it turns bright orange! It happens quickly and is visually stunning. Try infusing seaweed in vodka or gin overnight for a unique martini, or liven up party shots by adding a piece of seaweed to each glass.

Storing Live Seaweed

We receive live ogo from The Cultured Abalone Farm in Goleta, CA. We maintain it in our own live tanks until you order it. Upon delivery, keep the ogo in its bag in the refrigerator and use within three to five days. Do not rinse with fresh water as it will make the ogo wilt. If you would like to rinse to reduce the saltiness, do so immediately before serving.

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