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Fresh California Sheephead Fillet

Fresh California Sheephead Fillet

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California sheephead (Semicossyphus pulcher) is a species of wrasse native to the kelp beds and rocky reef areas of the eastern Pacific Ocean. All California sheephead are born female and morph into their male form at various stages in their lifecycle. Their unique appearance makes them easy to identify. Although their mid-sections vary from brownish-red in males to dull pink in females, they both have large bluntly pointed foreheads and white chins.

Sheephead also have large protruding canine-like teeth that allow them to feast on hard-shelled crustaceans such as mussels, clams, crabs and shrimp. This diet results in a succulent flavor, with white, firm flakes and a silky texture similar to lobster. It is excellent when deep fried, pan seared or steamed. Fillets come skin off.

Although they share similar common names, the California sheephead, shouldn't be confused with the east coast sheepshead (Archosargus probatocesphalus).

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