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Fresh Mako Shark

Fresh Mako Shark

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Off the West Coast, shortfin mako are most common off California. They have pointed snouts and long gill slits with dark blue-gray backs, light metallic blue sides, and white undersides. Their teeth are conical and pointy and protrude forward from the jaw, making them visible even when their mouth is closed. 

Shark is firm and meaty with a full-flavored yet mild flavor and slightly sweet finish. Similar to swordfish, it is perfect for grilling and its steak-like texture makes it a satisfying and healthy alternative to red meat. 


Our mako shark is caught in California by shallow set longline. This fishery is rated a Good Alternative by Seafood Watch. Additionally, U.S. mako is considered a smart seafood choice by NOAA FishWatch because it is well managed and responsibly harvested under U.S. regulations. This is not the case with most imported shark. The US is a leader in shark conservation, and NOAA Fisheries works to sustainably manage shark populations by conducting research, assessing stocks, working with fishermen, and implementing regulations.

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