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Fresh Opah Abductor (Tri-Tip)

Fresh Opah Abductor (Tri-Tip)

$ 17.99

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Also known as moonfish, opah (Lampris guttatus) is a rich, full-flavored fish with good fat content and a flesh color that ranges from light pink to dark red. It also features a number of usable portions beyond the popular center fillet.

What we affectionately call opah "tri-tip" is often referred to as the cheek due to its position on the fish. It is actually the abductor muscle, which is found deep inside the fish near its belly and controls its pectoral fin. One of the most intriguing cuts of fish in the seafood world, opah abductor looks, cooks and even tastes similar to beef, but is a much leaner source of high-quality protein! Its rich, red-colored meat is perfect for grilling, pan searing and broiling. When ground, it can be used in any recipe that calls for ground beef, turkey or pork, from Bolognese and chili to hamburgers, meatloaf, sausage and more.

Cooking Tip: Because the shape of this cut is more rounded, we recommend trimming the sides if you prefer to square up your portions. This will make for even cooking and more uniform presentation. Use the leftover trim for a seafood stir-fry!


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