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Opah Belly, Fresh

Opah Belly, Fresh

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Also known as moonfish, opah (Lampris guttatus) are caught incidentally by Pacific longliners fishing the deep ocean for tunas and billfish. Demand is rising for opah’s tasty and versatile meat, particularly among restaurants and chefs. Considered a “Good Alternative” by Seafood Watch, this truly exceptional fish provides multiple cuts that range in color from very light pearl pink to deep dark red. Both in flavor and texture, some cuts are what you would expect of a dense fish, while others - such as opah flank - could easily stand in for beef.

The thick, fatty belly portion of the opah is near white to pearl pink in color. Full of great fat content, it cooks up white and firm and crisps quickly without the need for additional oil. Try using it for fish sticks, fish “fries” and even opah “bacon”!

Watch Tommy the Fishmonger break down a whole opah:

Video courtesy of Chef’s Roll. Cinematography by Sam Wells Photography

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