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Sculpin Fillet, Fresh

Sculpin Fillet, Fresh

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Also known as California scorpionfish, sculpin is beloved throughout Baja and Southern California. Because it preys primarily upon shrimp, small crabs and octopus, its prized white meat fillets are firm with a juicy texture and sweet, mild flavor. In recipes, sculpin can substitute for cod, rock cod or haddock, although you'll find it still has a unique, excellent flavor all its own. Feel free to bake, broil, fry, grill or sear this fish for outstanding results. Personally, we love sculpin fish tacos!

Did You Know?

Typically inhabiting rocky shorelines in waters from 80-300 feet, sculpin nestle by day within reefs, caves and kelp beds, before venturing out to feed at night. Fish range from red to brownish red in appearance and display a large head covered with thorns. Should find your yourself face to face with a whole sculpin, take care with the spikes along the dorsal fin. They pack a punch equivalent to a bee sting!

The Fishery

In Baja, sculpin is harvested by fishing co-ops, or cooperativos. Working together, fishermen still use the traditional methods of a simpler time: hand lines and low-impact hand-drawn nets from small, open panga boats. Co-ops range in size from 10-100 pangas with 2-3 fishermen per each boat.

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