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Mahi Mahi Fillet, Frozen

Mahi Mahi Fillet, Frozen

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In the U.S. mahi mahi is a highly regarded fish and far better in quality to lower-priced imports. A local favorite in Southern California, mahi mahi is a firm, light fleshed fish with moderate fat content and a delicate, slightly sweet flavor. A popular choice for fish tacos, it presents best when grilled or broiled but also works well when sautéed or deep fried. For best results, cook to medium - until it flakes and no longer. Fillets are skin off.

Did You Know?

Mahi mahi (Coryphaena hippurus) or dorado, is found in warm waters throughout the world and It may also be referred to as dolphinfish. Though a type of dolphinfish, this species is not at all related to the dolphin mammal! To avoid confusion in the marketplace, the Hawaiian name mahi mahi has become the commonly used term. 

The Frozen Advantage

The biggest advantage of properly frozen seafood is that it enables you to enjoy your favorite varieties year round! At Catalina Offshore Products we portion our frozen fish from fresh fish we purchase from reputable fishermen. After we hand cut each fish at its peak of freshness, we freeze and vacuum pack individual portions in house and secure them in -10 degree coolers until ordered. Strict handling procedures from boat to plate preserve the just-caught freshness you expect, and ensure the high quality of your fish is maintained until you are ready to serve it.

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