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Opah Top cut Fillet, Frozen

Opah Top cut Fillet, Frozen

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Our selection of premium frozen fish enables you to enjoy your favorite varieties year-round. Also known as moonfish, opah (Lampris guttatus) is an exceptional tasting fish with good fat content. It provides multiple cuts that range in color from very light pearl pink to deep dark red. Both in flavor and texture, some cuts are what you would expect of a dense fish, while others could easily stand in for beef.

Typically cut from the tender top loin of the fish, opah fillet presents light salmon-orange to pink-rose in color. Its lean texture and distinct yet mild, sweet flavor fall somewhere between tuna and swordfish. And similar to both species, its dense meat turns white when cooked. If you've never eaten opah fillet, this is an absolute must-try. Feel free to bake, broil, grill, pan sear or poach for outstanding results!


We work directly with U.S. fishermen who offload opah in San Diego. Rated a "Good Alternative" by Seafood Watch, opah have been caught incidentally by Pacific longline fisheries for years. Because they don’t swim in schools, they are typically caught one at a time. Fishermen once thought that this unusually colorful fish brought good luck, and would give it away as a goodwill gesture rather than sell it. There also wasn’t much of a market for it. In the late 1980s, the state of Hawaii started promoting opah to build a market among U.S. consumers for this underutilized species. Today, opah's tasty and versatile meat is in high demand, particularly among restaurants and chefs.

The Frozen Advantage

The biggest advantage of properly frozen seafood is that it enables you to enjoy your favorite varieties year round! At Catalina Offshore Products we portion our frozen fish from fresh fish we purchase from reputable fishermen. After we hand cut each fish at its peak of freshness, we freeze and vacuum pack individual portions in house and secure them in -10 degree coolers until ordered. Strict handling procedures from boat to plate preserve the just-caught freshness you expect, and ensure the high quality of your fish is maintained until you are ready to serve it.

Watch Tommy the Fishmonger break down a whole opah:

Video courtesy of Chef’s Roll. Cinematography by Sam Wells Photography

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