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All of the salmon sushi we offer is more than worthy of being featured in the highest class sushi bars. Our salmon is guaranteed to be the highest quality product because we receive whole fresh salmon everyday straight from the fishing boats as opposed to receiving a stale frozen product that has been sitting on a freezer shelf for months. We hand-cut and flash-freeze our salmon right here in our warehouse to ensure complete freshness. Salmon is one of the healthiest foods because it is known to be full of protein and contain a large amount of omega-3 oils. All of our products are not only FDA approved but we also strive to reach the company goal of guaranteeing product safety above and beyond FDA standards.

Sake sushi has been a staple ingredient in Japanese sushi bars for many years. The fish is has been popular choice for making sushi because of its buttery texture and oily meat. You can notice the high fat content within the salmon by observing the white grain that flows throughout the meat. The higher the fat content, the better the taste and texture is for sashimi.

We offer the most diverse selection of sushi grade salmon online. All of the salmon we receive comes to us in whole fish form right from the fisherman. We are able to guarantee the highest quality salmon because all our products are hand cut in house daily which means we do not buy previously frozen product that has been lying around in a distant cold storage for months. The farms in which we purchase our salmon are the most prestigious operations in the world with over 50 years of perfecting the raising of the product. We like to highlight that the salmon we offer, whether farmed or wild, comes from time proven responsible fisherman that are operating highly sustainable practices.