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Fresh Farmed SAIKOU Sushi Grade New Zealand Salmon from Mt. Cook Alpine (Sake)

Fresh Farmed SAIKOU Sushi Grade New Zealand Salmon from Mt. Cook Alpine (Sake)

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Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon is a freshwater farm-raised king salmon. Green-rated a "Best Alternative" by Seafood Watch, it is naturally free of parasites, GMOs, antibiotics, chemicals, mercury and other heavy metals due to being eco-sustainably farmed in the pure glacial water of New Zealand's Southern Alps. In fact, the water surrounding Mt. Cook's non-polluting farm is so clean, you can drink it both above and below the farm!

The SAIKOU brand is Mt. Cook's highest quality sushi grade salmon. Being reared in extremely cold fast-flowing water gives Mt. Cook's fish its unique properties. It freezes unbelievably well, and if thawed correctly is indistinguishable from fresh chilled. Silky smooth and sweet on the palate with an uncluttered taste, Mt. Cook has the lowest inter-muscular fat of any salmon in the world. It also boasts twice the amount of heart healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. Its superior appearance, with less marbling and dense flesh that holds together perfectly, makes this salmon an ideal choice for sake sushi! Fillets come skin off.

New Zealand leads the salmon farming industry with its best practices, natural ecosystems and sustainable approach, and Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon stands at the forefront. With a score of 8.59 out of 10 for its ecological sustainability from Seafood Watch, Mt Cook Alpine Salmon is the highest scoring salmon farm in the Seafood Watch rating system.

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