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Frozen Farmed Sushi Grade Scottish Salmon Fillet (Sake)

Frozen Farmed Sushi Grade Scottish Salmon Fillet (Sake)

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Sushi GradeFrozen

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This salmon will deliver an absolutely perfect sake sushi experience!

Representing a tiny percentage of the highest quality product produced by Luna in the Faroe Islands (between Scotland and Iceland), HiddenFjord Sushi Grade Salmon is an ultra-superior salmon. Fish are received whole in our facility each week. Skin off fillets are hand cut, vaccum packed and frozen in house. Commonly referred to as Scottish salmon, this farm-raised Atlantic salmon delivers flawless flavor, rich color and the highest fat content of any salmon we offer. Though most often consumed as sashimi / sushi, it is equally delicious when cooked.


The Faroese aquaculture industry dates all the way back to 1967. Through its heritage and constant innovation, it has gained leading-edge expertise in the field of aquaculture and become one of the most sustainable aquaculture industries in the world.

HiddenFjord remains an industry leader; having developed the most humane and non-disruptive technologies available. From its immaculate breeding techniques, ideal pen placements and optimal feed regimens to its humane harvesting and the exceptional care and gentle manner in which fish is packed, HiddenFjord Sushi Grade Salmon is one of the most pampered aquaculture products on earth. Fish are raised in the wild in pristine conditions, without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Each phase of growth is natural, and each step of the process has been customized to provide the most ideal, stress-free environment.

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