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Mission Oysters

Mission Oysters

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Mission Oysters (Crassostrea gigas) boast firm, plump meat, a deep cup and a crisp, full-body flavor that starts salty and finishes sweet.

Farmed-raised in rack-and-bag culture in San Quintin Bay and Erendira in Baja California, Mexico, Mission Oysters are placed into oyster grow-out bags, then tied to a steel rack, which allows the oysters to move with the currents. This method is highly dependent on the tidal range of an area and results in a world-class oyster. Ranging from 3”-4” in size, these Pacific gems shine when complemented by citrus or a mignonette.


Oysters by their very nature are a sustainable seafood choice. They feed exclusively on the abundant natural phytoplankton present in the water, avoiding the need for any artificial feeds or chemical products. Further, the techniques and facilities for shellfish aquaculture are of very low impact to the environment. 

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