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Diver Bay Scallops, Frozen (IQF) Sushi Grade

Diver Bay Scallops, Frozen (IQF) Sushi Grade

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The Mexican bay scallop (Argopecten ventricosus) is also known as the Pacific calico scallop, Catarina scallop and speckled scallop. The species is found most of the year off the Baja California peninsula. The term “dry pack" refers to the fact that no water or chemicals have been added to increase the water content, ensuring a high quality scallop! They are diver harvested in Baja and immediately IQF (individually quick frozen) and vacuum sealed in one pound packs to maintain their sushi quality. 

These ocean gems are excellent for raw preparations, including sushi, ceviche and crudo! They appear creamy white to light tan or pink in color, and offer a delightfully firm texture and a distinctly sweet aroma and flavor. They are equally delicious cooked as they are raw, and because of their petite size they will cook quicky quickly. For best results, we recommend pan searing them or including them in soups, stews or pastas!

The Frozen Advantage

The biggest advantage of properly frozen seafood is that it enables you to conveniently enjoy your favorite varieties year-round! This product is IQF, which refers to foods that are individually quick or "blast" frozen. When something freezes quickly, it forms smaller ice crystals than when it freezes slowly. Smaller ice crystals prevent damage to the fibers of food, which keeps the foods in prime condition. The result of IQF seafood is a product that in some cases is even better fresh! 

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