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Spot Prawns (Amaebi), Live Sashimi Grade Sweet Shrimp

Spot Prawns (Amaebi), Live Sashimi Grade Sweet Shrimp

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Spot prawns are alive when packed for shipping. Due to their delicate nature we do not guarantee they will be live upon delivery. They will, however, be fresh and safe to eat upon delivery.

Our spot prawns, also known as sweet shrimp, are caught off the coast of San Diego in traps. We store them in our live tanks and carefully package them to ensure that they arrive fresh at your door. Spot prawns are quite popular in sushi bars, where they are known as amaebi. The ample tails are commonly eaten raw, while the heads are often deep fried and enjoyed whole.

Please note that amaebi are not all the same size and we cannot guarantee the number of shrimp you will receive. The average size is typically 7-10 shrimp per pound; however, at times they do run larger at 5-7 shrimp per pound. 

Spot Prawns FAQs

Meet the (Spot Prawns) fisherman: Andy Saraspe

Our fresh and live seafood products are as fresh as you can get because we purchase directly from reputable fishermen in California and Baja California who take great pride in providing the highest quality seafood. The seafood is caught and immediately iced or brought to our live tanks until you order. We package it with care, keep it cold in insulated boxes and ship it overnight with FedEx so that it reaches your door fresher than the vast majority of most supermarkets and restaurants.

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