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Premium Japanese-Style Short Grain Sushi Rice

Premium Japanese-Style Short Grain Sushi Rice

$ 6.99

Sushi rice is the most important component of any sushi meal. Sushi rice or sushi-meshi is traditionally prepared with short-grain Japanese rice. The key to short grain rice is a sticky consistency that is absent from long-grain rice strains. The mild yet distinct flavor of sushi rice comes by adding sugar and vinegar OR a pre-seasoned powdered sushi rice mix to cooked rice. 

Our HANA-ITA sushi rice is a high quality improved variety of Japan’s legendary Koshihikari short-grain rice that is carefully produced by Zensho in Uruguay under the guidance of Japanese rice masters. It provides just the right amount of stickiness and natural sweetness for your sushi rolls and nigiri. It's also great on its own or topped with soy sauce, eel sauce, furikake or togarashi. Perfect for authentic dishes!

Click HERE for a traditional sushi rice recipe.

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