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Frozen Farmed Atlantic Bluefin (Toro)

Frozen Farmed Atlantic Bluefin (Toro)

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In sushi bars the world over, bluefin toro is among the most prized cuts. Toro refers to the fattiest portion of the fish. With its delicate flavor and buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture, bluefin toro is reserved for the highest-quality sashimi and nigiri sushi.

Our farmed Atlantic bluefin toro is sourced from in and around the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean. It is superfrozen in block form to preserve its freshness and exceptional color. The deep freeze method results in very little moisture loss when thawed and uses no added chemicals or preservatives. The block form, known as saku, is often preferred by Japanese chefs for sashimi tuna due to the uniformity of the slices.


Aquaculture practices in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, include the capture-based farming of bluefin, also referred to as tuna ranching. Generally, tuna of various sizes are wild-caught then transferred to marine-based pens where they are fed until time of harvest.

The sustainability of wild Atlantic bluefin (Thunnus thynnusstocks is a top priority for management organizations. Historically the species suffered overfishing, but its population has gradually recovered. In 2006 the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas (ICCAT) adapted a 15-year recovery plan. Ongoing stock assessment, control measures and quotas continue to enforce the sustainable management of this important fishery.

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