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Frozen Baja Farmed Sushi Grade Yellowtail (Hiramasa)

Frozen Baja Farmed Sushi Grade Yellowtail (Hiramasa)

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    The biggest advantage of properly frozen seafood is that it enables you to enjoy your favorite varieties year round! Baja Seas Hiramasa (Seriola lalandi) provides a bright, buttery flavor with a rich, firm texture and desirable fat content. Lending itself to salt, heat-based spices and citrus, this sustainably farmed yellowtail from Baja is perfect for sushi, sashimi and crudo. It also works well when pan seared, turning white, tender and flaky. Fillets are skin off.

    Established in 2012, Baja Seas is the first complete cycle yellowtail operation in the Americas. Located in Baja California Sur Mexico, its state-of-the-art aquaculture facility includes grow-out pens in Magdalena Bay, and a separate hatchery located south of Ensenada that is capable of producing 2 million fingerlings per year. Baja Seas' vision is to be a global leader in aquaculture through its use of innovation, technology, respect for the environment and social responsibility.

    Baja Seas’ use of innovative management and technology ensures minimal environmental impact.

    • Recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) reduce pollution and disease.
    • Low stocking density in open ocean pens.
    • Feed certifications include Best Aquaculture Practices and Global GAP.
    • Automated feeders and camera systems prevent overfeeding.
    • High tech net cleaning systems promote healthy fish.
    • Daily monitoring by divers maintains the structural integrity of ocean pens.
    • Harvest is done by ike jime, a humane Japanese technique that ensures sashimi quality.


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