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Our Story

Our Story

Catalina Island

Nearly 40 years ago, Catalina Offshore Products owner Dave Rudie spent his days diving for sea urchins and seaweed in the kelp beds of Catalina Island. Back on the mainland, he and his family would spend nights processing the harvest in his garage. The following day they’d make fresh deliveries throughout the San Diego region.

California gold

Catalina Offshore Products has since grown steadily into one of the region’s premier seafood purveyors and one of the largest seafood import and export companies in California. Our California uni is world famous, having been featured by Bizarre Foods America as well as numerous local and national media outlets from Vogue to the LA Times. Many seafood fans consider our uni to be the best. And it’s no wonder – after hand-cracking them, we gently hand-scoop the delectable, golden uni out of each sea urchin we receive, processing and packaging it within 24 hours to ensure the highest freshness and quality.

More and more fish

In addition to uni, our product line is continually expanding to include a wide range of sushi and sashimi grade fish and high quality fresh and frozen seafood. We promote using the whole fish and exploring seafood delicacies like live spot prawns, swordfish marrow and the tender meat in fish cheeks. You can explore too, with our sushi-making supplies and kits to create amazing sushi parties at home.

Fresh and sustainable
Most of our seafood is sourced from the pristine waters of Southern California and Baja California. In Baja, most fishing is done with hand lines from small Panga boats to save the environment and preserve our natural resources. We buy our fresh seafood directly from reputable fishermen who are trained in the strict handling procedures necessary to preserve optimum quality. Every boat contains chill tanks to ensure exceptional freshness and fish is whisked away to our plant as soon as it comes to the harbor or beach.

We carry a wide selection of fresh seafood and we’re proud of the recognition our high-quality sushi/sashimi grade offerings have gained with chefs – some as far away as Japan. We also offer fresh-frozen seafood that enables our customers to enjoy their favorite varieties year round. Our 25,000 square foot processing plant is HACCP compliant and all of our products and procedures are FDA approved. The plant rooftop holds nearly an acre of solar panels which provide over 80% of our power needs daily.

Walk-ins welcome

In 2012 Catalina Offshore Products expanded by creating its Seafood Education and Nutrition Center, which houses our San Diego fish market. Open to the public and led by trusted fishmonger Tommy Gomes, the market features ongoing food demos and special events with guest chefs. Visiting San Diego? Live locally? Stop by and see us sometime!