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Searchin’ for urchin

One might say that Catalina Offshore Products put sea urchins on the map in California. Or maybe sea urchins put Catalina Offshore on the map. Either way, the spiny creatures are at the core of Catalina’s success.

From Catalina Island to the coast

As a teen, our fearless leader Dave Rudie’s first business was a lemonade stand. After falling in love with diving during a high school class, his foray into the seafood business began with the discovery of a market for seaweed and then sea urchin. After fishing the fertile kelp beds of Catalina Island, Dave would return to the mainland and sell the harvest right off his boat. Eventually, working nights with his family out of the garage, processing the urchins for their prized roe, the business grew and Dave rented a processing plant from one of his seaweed customers. By 1998, Catalina Offshore Products had moved into our current location in San Diego.


Long term relationships

Today Catalina Offshore Products employs nearly 100 people, and our uni department alone has a staff of 45. Weather permitting, live sea urchins are delivered to us daily from San Diego, Santa Barbara and Fort Bragg divers. We then process each and every urchin by hand within 24 hours to ensure the highest quality uni. We ship different sized packages of our uni for various applications as well as live urchins when available. Our uni wholesale and retail customers are scattered throughout the U.S. with exports going to Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Proudly, many of our uni processing staff and clients have been with us for decades.

More choices from the sea

Over the years our operation has expanded from uni to include all seafood. Although some is imported from other parts of the world, our specialty is wild and farmed species found along the California coast and the Baja peninsula. In addition to our beloved uni we feature yellowtail, seabass, black cod, tuna, swordfish, salmon, live spot prawns, spiny lobster, rock crab and much, much more!