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Bluefin Sushi Chunks, Frozen

Bluefin Sushi Chunks, Frozen

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Sushi GradeFrozen

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Our vacuum packed proton-frozen bluefin sushi chunks originate from Baja-farmed Pacific bluefin. Keep on hand for a quick sashimi snack, sushi rolls, poke and more!

Pacific bluefin tuna is one of the most prized of all types of tuna used by sushi chefs, and always in high demand. Also known as Northern bluefin, it is the darkest red and fattiest of any tuna, with a distinctive flavor and firm texture. Our farmed bluefin is harvested through a capture-based method known as "ranching." This type of tuna provides a much higher fat content than wild tuna. 

What is Proton-Frozen?

Proton-freezing is a quick-freeze technology that combines evenly distributed electromagnetic waves and cold air to reduce ice crystal formation and cell membrane damage. As a result, taste and texture are preserved naturally, without any additives or chemicals. Color is also comparable to fresh if fish is properly stored and defrosted*.

*Certain species, like tuna, naturally turn brown once exposed to air or if stored in a traditional freezer. Proton freezing technology slows this process but does not prevent it. For best results, we recommend placing proton frozen tuna in the coldest part of your freezer and storing for no more than 7 days. When ready to eat, slowly defrost in refrigerator and consume within same 24 hours.


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