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Smoked Salmon, Cambridge House Honey Oak Roasted (Full Side)

Smoked Salmon, Cambridge House Honey Oak Roasted (Full Side)

$ 79.99

Using fresh Atlantic salmon, Cambridge House Hot Smoked Oak Roasted Salmon is smoked and roasted to succulent perfection at a high temperature using oak burning in an open fire. Air flow during the smoke process is carefully controlled to avoid dehydrating the fish, creating a moist, flaky texture and a distinctive full flavored salmon delicacy without any preservatives. A touch of golden honey gives this salmon its natural, subtle sweetness. 

Serving suggestions: Present the full side on a platter for an impressive brunch or lunch and serve with mixed greens dressed with a mustard or orange vinaigrette. Pair with crackers, cheeses and various other accompaniments such as whole grain mustard, capers, onions and cornichons. Flake over rice, into pasta or use for sandwiches, bagels, and egg dishes. Of course, this salmon is also delicious on its own, straight out of the package!

About Cambridge House

Based in Santa Barbara, Cambridge House is one of the few smokehouses left in the world that still smoke salmon the true traditional way using an open-fire wood burning smokehouse. Its emphasis is on tradition and craft rather than mass production, producing a full flavored yet delicate tasting salmon that cannot be achieved using conventional modern smoking methods.

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