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Colossal Baja White Shrimp

Colossal Baja White Shrimp

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Harvested in the Sea of Cortez, our colossal Baja white shrimp are caught by fisherman who use low impact hand nets out of small panga boats. The shrimp are processed the same day. There are approximately 16-20 pieces per pound and the heads have been removed. This product has been previously frozen to preserve peak freshness, and will ship thawed out.

Note: Almost all shrimp is frozen at sea or shortly thereafter. More than likely, "fresh" shrimp is actually thawed. Truly fresh shrimp appears more translucent than thawed shrimp, and its highly perishable nature makes it rarely available. Previously frozen fresh shrimp should smell mildly of the sea, but not like iodine, ammonia, or low tide.

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