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Frozen Farmed Soft Shell Crabs (Hotels)

Frozen Farmed Soft Shell Crabs (Hotels)

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Soft-shell crabs are commonly deep fried whole and used for spider rolls and other popular sushi rolls. They are also a pleasure to eat outside of sushi environments, such as with butter, lemon and capers; tucked between sandwich buns; or served atop salads. When it comes to cooking soft-shell crabs, they respond best to frying and pan searing. Due to their lack of hard outer shell, boiling them will cause them to fall apart.

These farmed soft shell crabs are "Hotels" size (4 - 4 ½"and a product of Burma. They come in packages of 6 and each crab weighs approximately 2 ounces. 

Did You Know?

Soft-shell crabs are not a separate species of crab. They’re crabs – most typically blue crabs – that have recently molted and have a new shell that is still soft and edible.

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