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Diver Bay Scallops, Frozen Sushi Grade

Diver Bay Scallops, Frozen Sushi Grade

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These diver harvested sushi grade bay scallops from Baja range from 60 to 70 pieces per pound, making them larger than typical bay scallops. We Proton-freeze them in house and pack them in 1 pound tubs. Because of their smaller size, they will cook quickly, whether pan searing or adding them to soups, stews or pastas. They are also an excellent choice for raw preparations, particularly ceviche and crudo! Creamy white to light tan or pink in color, they offer a delightfully firm texture and a distinctly sweet aroma.

The Mexican bay scallop (Argopecten ventricosus) is also known as the Pacific calico scallop, Catarina scallop and speckled scallop. The species is found most of the year off the Baja California peninsula. The term “dry pack" refers to the fact that no water or chemicals have been added to increase the water content, ensuring a high quality scallop!

What Does Proton Frozen Mean?

Proton freezing is a quick-freeze technology that reduces ice crystal formation, which is the prime cause of damage to products that are slow frozen in traditional freezers. As a result of proton freezing, the taste and texture are preserved naturally, without any additives or chemicals. 

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