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If & When Moroccan Preserved Meyer Lemon Paste

If & When Moroccan Preserved Meyer Lemon Paste

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Small batch crafted in California with local, imperfect organic Meyer lemons, sea salt, whole spices and love, If & When Preserved Meyer Lemon Paste is the ingredient you never knew you needed. 

A zero waste product, the entire lemon is cured, seeds and all! The result is a uniquely savory and sweet spoonable "jam" with a puckery punch. If & When Moroccan Preserved Meyer Lemon Paste brings in a signature blend of toasted spices including cassia bark, Tellicherry peppercorn and allspice to make a rich, fragrant paste inspired by Morocco's heritage of preserving lemons.

We love it on meatier fish like opah, swordfish, thresher shark and salmon, as well as shrimp and scallops or in a mignonette for oysters. A little goes a along way. The longer it rests on fish, the stronger the flavor. If you find it's a little too concentrated, mellow it out with some olive oil.  

In addition to fish, you might spread it on avocado toast or on other meats or vegetables, or you can use as a base for dressings and marinades. But don't stop there! You can also use it in cocktails and soups. The culinary possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Ingredients: Organic Meyer lemons grown on family farms in California, sea salt, peppercorn, cassia bark, allspice, bay leaf.

Net weight: 4 oz (113 g) about 8+ TBS

Refrigerate after opening. Shelf stable 2 years. Gluten- and dairy-free. No preservatives. Vegan-friendly.

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