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Mac's Signature Beach Oysters

Mac's Signature Beach Oysters

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With its ideal tidal patterns and productive shallow waters, Fanny Bay is renowned for producing world-class oysters. Mac's Signature Beach Oysters (Crassostreas gigas), grown in Fanny Bay, are a standard at most oyster bars.

The naturally farmed Signature Beach Oyster has a smooth flavor with slight brininess and reliable, full meat. Even the smaller size grades have a very good meat-to-shell ratio. Its characteristic rugged shell, with grey and green coloring and plump meats are a top selling favorite, a sure-fire favorite raw bars around the world. Because Mac's Signature Beach Oysters are grown at various locations in Fanny Bay and further up the coast, their flavor profile will vary slightly from salty to mild. But the best way to really understand their taste it is to enjoy one!


Oysters by their very nature are a sustainable seafood choice. They feed exclusively on the abundant natural phytoplankton present in the water, avoiding the need for any artificial feeds or chemical products. Further, the techniques and facilities for shellfish aquaculture are of very low impact to the environment. 

Mac’s Signature Beach Oysters are a product of Mac’s Oysters LTD, a fourth-generation family shellfish farm and the original shellfish processor in Fanny Bay, located in British Columbia.


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