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Son Fish Sauce 40°N

Son Fish Sauce 40°N

$ 12.99

Typically used in Southeast Asian cuisine in place of salt, fish sauce is often referred to as “liquid gold” for how it adds an umami flavor to dishes. Son Fish Sauce 40°N, or Nước Mắm Nhĩ, is an extra-virgin, first-press fish sauce of anchovy and sea salt that is fermented in barrels for one year and collected drop by drop. The yield of each exquisite batch is of the highest quality, taste and smell. Being bottled at 40°N – a very high concentration of nitrogen per liter – results in an especially intense umami flavor.

Whether you’re cooking Thai, Vietnamese or Indonesian, Son Fish Sauce 40°N will provide the perfect boost. Use in traditional dipping sauces for dumplings and spring rolls; add to curries, egg dishes, noodles and rice dishes; enhance marinades and salad dressings; or splash into soups such as pho. Don’t limit your culinary creativity to Asian recipes, though. Son Fish Sauce 40°N adds a unique, savory complexity to dishes of any provenance. Try it in chili, on pizza, or even in place of Worcestershire in a Bloody Mary!

About Son

Since 1951, Son has been producing the finest fish sauce from Son Rai Island off the southwest coast of Vietnam. Still family-owned and operated, the company harvests wild anchovies from its own fishing vessels, then ferments them in local sea salt for an entire year. By combining only anchovy and sea salt in barrels, Son produces a pure and natural, gluten-free fish sauce with no additives or preservatives. The traditional methods have remained unchanged for over four generations and each batch of Son Fish Sauce is meticulously hand bottled, labeled and inspected for superior quality.



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