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Fresh Wild Sashimi Grade Yellowtail Loin

Fresh Wild Sashimi Grade Yellowtail Loin

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Our wild California yellowtail sashimi loins are frequently used to make the highest quality hamachi sushi in sushi bars. The boneless skinless meat is firm and full flavored with an excellent fat content -- though lower than farmed yellowtail. Wild yellowtail is a delicious choice for all sushi applications as well as pan searing or grilling. Loins are skin off.

The wild California yellowtail (Seriola lalandi) is also known as amberjack, or by its Spanish name jurel. It is a sleek migratory fish, similar to the tuna, and recognized by its yellow tail and a yellow stripe across its body. Wild yellowtail is harvested year round, but more commonly during summer along the Pacific coast down into the Sea of Cortez. They are caught primarily with hook and line, and their average weight is 10 to 20 lbs.

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